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Monday, March 22, 2010

This one is for Momma and her friends in the Book Dept.

They all have been banned from Jumping in the Dumpster.....Okay my Momma and friends volunteer in the book dept. at her local comunity centers monthly junk sale. This sale was the high lite of the month in the small town where I grew up. Now my Mom and friends have been told they can't jump in the dumpster for goodies anymore. Darn I had so much fun hurling my Mom up and over and she came up with a great pair of flared jeans! I made my Mom a ribbon with "Dumpster Diva" written on it and the girls all wanted one. I am going to make t-shirts soon. These bumper stickers just came in! I have recently starting selling on etsy, but I will have to do my own .com store so I can sell t-shirts and bumper stickers if that what I feel like. I love to keep Momma amused! I have already researved, I just need to set up my templete and host!

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Jillian said...

Oh you made me laugh outloud! Funny post. i have only dumpster dived one time. Now my hubby on the other hand...he is not embarassed one bit!