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Thursday, October 21, 2010

6th Fix my Ride at Cross Timbers Church in Argyle, Texas

Again over 100 cars were fixed in Jesus name for single parents, and those struggling in these ruff times. Some cars just weren't fixable, and tears flowed as a Mom and her kids drove away in a slightly used but more reliable car. The plate was passed and a better car was bought for her!
Joe fired up the smoker and burgers and dogs were eaten while people waited. One women said "This is the first time this week my kids had a full belly."

Mike chipped in even though it was the first day he could be moving into his home, some one has to sample!

So many gifted Mechanics gave their time, as they always do when called. Everyone who helps in this event is so blessed by the experience! One guy relized he could never work on cars, so he went home and got a power washer and cleaned the cars before the keys were turned over to the grateful owners.

As the cars rolled in my husband would write up their needs and number them. We had part runners. Some voluntered in the kitchen. As the day wore on it got hot and Leah broke out the otter pops for all! I am so proud to call Cross Timbers Church my home, the love to tend to needy is astounding! So many members came to the church as broken people and have healed in Christ's name. I think that is why so many of us shed tears at an event like this were we give back, we once were here in these lines too!
                                                 Thank You Everyone for Your Giving!