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Sunday, April 18, 2010

My own dress form "Isabella"

I have waited a long time for a dress form and she was waiting for me at Red Shed Antiques,Grapevine, Texas! They have such great sales every other  month! I saw on their blog how they worked on this girl, and I though she would be gone by the time I arrived in the afternoon. She was there waiting for me to drag home and dress up. I put an old Flapper dress on her to start with. As I got her home I relized she is my size when I am at a lower weight. She will work well for my sewing endeavors! I thank you so much Ladies at the Red Shed, as always you are my hero's!


Jillian said...

Love your dress form! Congrats on finding one! I'm curious to see how much it was...if you don't mind my asking. Checking to see if the one I just spotted today is too much. If it's still there the next time I go, I think I'm going to get it. The tag said it was a SINGER.

PW at Inspired Vintage Style said...

Jillian,I payed 149.00 for her! The girls at Red Shed Antiques picked her up at a hole in the wall place when they were down at RoundTop, they didn't have to ship,we are driving distance. They have real reasonable prices!Check out their web site or blog to see the before pictures of Isabella.