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"Well behaved women rarely make history"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Don't throw those old leather belts away!

I always addored cuff bracelets, I guess they remind me of those days in the 70's and they also have a rockstar biker look to them. This old belt already had the perfect holes to wind wire and beads through. I havn't sewn leather before so I choose to lace leather cord through the back holes to tie it on the wrist. With all the holes it even opens  up wide enough for him.  Even if that great belt at the thrift shop won't fit your waist, it can be reconstructed to fit your wrist!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Reworked the Vintage Spoon Bracelet

This is the first piece I made after reading Stephanie Lee's book Semiprecius Salvage. I played some more with it and am listing it on my Etsy shop. I found some more spoons while out junking...can't waite to create!

Keep all your mistakes!

This is the handle that broke off my first experiment in working with silversmithing. I was encouraged by Rita at Mammabellarte, my one and only fallower, thanks! I had worked the spoon end into a bracelet and I just found time to complete the necklace. 
You just need to move forward and challange yourself to find a new design. Patience is one of my best virtues! I was blessed to redue, tear out, and to try again!